The LubeVan Team : A Well Oiled Machine!

Ryan D

Ryan Dach

Founder, Technician & Operating Partner

Ryan has been obsessed with Japanese sports cars and Jeeps for 20 years. He purchased his first car when he was 15 years old and wasted no time turning it into a modified turbocharged drag racer. LubeVan is built on his passion for all things automotive.

Petra D

Petra Dach

Partner & Marketing Director

Petra has been a LubeVan supporter from the very start!

She enjoys watching this business grow from a family-run business to what it is now, and can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Petra is responsible for managing Lubevan’s Social Media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to stop by anytime and say Hello!


Ryan W

Ryan Whitehead

Founding Partner

Ryan Whitehead is one of the original founding partners of LubeVan and helped direct the company through its initial product development and market testing phase.  Ryan is a successful entrepreneur and business consultant and has enthusiastically worked with over 200 businesses as an advisor and coach.  He has spent more than a decade operating an international consulting firm working with companies around the world on issues of sales and marketing, operations efficiency, product security, inventory control, information systems, corporate reporting, and business strategy. 

Ryan holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business in Toronto and an undergraduate degree in Statistics from the University of Western Ontario.  He currently resides in Aurora, Ontario with his wife and three children.


Joe I

Joe Indovina

Financial & Administrative Manager

Joe's passion for automobiles started with the very basic of vehicles - homemade push-style go-karts. This eventually led to a long career in auto racing spanning over 30 years competing at various events in North America racing various classes of vehicles including go-karts, Formula 2000, and various production-based cars modified for racing purposes.

Along with his very successful career in racing, Joe has experienced the same success in various industries - manufacturing, service sector, landscaping, and restoration. This vast experience both on and off the race track is helping further develop the LubeVan Team.


Ryan M

Ryan Mihelic

VP - Fleet Partnerships

Growing up in a small Northern Ontario town, I’ve always had a passion for sports and working as a team towards a common goal.  In my professional career my greatest passion comes from investing in people, teams and innovations to make great things happen. I consider myself a business athlete, first line center, striving to provide solutions to create an impact and transformational change.

Working 10 years as a National Account Director at ZOOM Media, I helped build partnerships and multimedia campaigns for brands such as Coca-Cola, Adidas, GM, P&G, and many more.

I am thrilled to have joined the movement driven by LubeVan, where our innovative business model allows our customers to “Change your oil, not your schedule!”


Robert M

Robert Martin

Owner LubeVan Hamilton & Regional Technician

Since childhood Robert has always had the inquisition to understand the operation of mechanics. This curiosity turned into a passion of spinning wrenches.

In 2008, Robert began helping people through emergency services in a professional capacity.

Then in 2013, around a campfire, the LubeVan was presented to him. The idea of being able to help people, combined with the passion for cars was a perfect match. And, he began working with LubeVan in the GTA.

Robert is a firm believer that one gets out of their vehicle what they put into it; a testament to this motto is his 2002 Honda Civic - the first vehicle he bought. He routinely completes maintenance and she’s still his daily driver at over 380,000km!

After, several years of turning wrenches from the LubeVan to keep customers moving in the GTA, Robert decided to bring the LubeVan to Hamilton to bring his passion closer to home.


Jonny M

Jonny Miranda

Regional Technician

Growing up in the city of Oshawa, I’ve always been surrounded by car enthusiasts and mechanics. Which helped start my own passion for all things JDM. I started my passion from watching The Fast and Furious and DIY videos as a kid to graduating with honours in the Motive Power Technician Course at Durham College.

Since my graduation and completion at Durham College I’ve been working hard at LubeVan, using my skills and talents to deliver outstanding customer service and excellent maintenance skills to the GTA.

Dallas C

Dallas Canavan

Creative Director

Dallas Canavan is the Creative Director of LubeVan in marketing content and concept design. 

She has always had a fascination with the automotive industry. As an artist, hyper-realistic vehicles are a favourite subject matter of her works, from Ferrari’s to Plymouth’s.

Dallas is currently studying at the University of Guelph in Landscape Architecture.

By applying her artistic skills to the LubeVan business, she is able to combine both of her passions to market this one-of-a-kind brand.


Courtney F

Courtney Fanning

Chief Technical Officer

Courtney Fanning is the Chief Technical & Information Officer at LubeVan. She has a proven, professional track record in cutting-edge software trends, application & product development, digital marketing and technical strategy implementation.

Courtney views our technology as a stand alone vehicle, implementing strategies to make the LubeVan engine run like clockwork. She is inspired by exciting technology, innovative disruption and solving complex problems.


Matty Waugh

Lead Technician

From a small town in P.E.I. Matty brings over a decade of automotive experience, holding a Red Seal in Automotive Service and formerly working as a Crew Chief for a professional auto racing team has established Matty as the Lead Technician/Foreman of the LubeVan team.

Matty is eager to bring excellence to each and every job and to be the standard we hold for the entire technical team.

Emma S

Emma Selwa

Customer Service Specialist

At the age of 4, Emma was given a Yamaha PW50, and since then, has been obsessed with all things engine related. Now in her senior year of high school, she can be found either at the hockey rink or motocross track. Emma brings her love for all things automotive every day as she works closely with customers to provide the best customer service she can.


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