The mobile brake service that comes to you

Canada's original mobile brake mechanic - at your service!

Is your vehicle located in a parking garage?

Need a Brake Replacement or Diagnosis?

Do you hear noises or feel vibrations while braking? Is your brake pedal feeling squishy? Sounds like you need a mobile brake service. We can diagnose your brake condition and repair your vehicle - wherever you are.

Schedule a visit with LubeVan's 310S Ontario Licensed Mechanics for a mobile brake service or inspection today! Stop worrying about the noises coming from your brakes and let LubeVan bring your break service to you!

Is your vehicle located in a parking garage?

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Most Popular Mobile Brake Services Right in Your Driveway

Using the highest quality Raybestos aftermarket brakes. Count on LubeVan for these mobile brake services.
  • Replace Brake Pads
  • Replace Brake Rotors
  • Replace Brake Shoes
  • Replace Brake Drums
  • Flush & Replace Brake Fluid
  • Hydraulic Braking Systems
Is your vehicle located in a parking garage?

Can't find your area or service?

No problem! Just give us a call to arrange your mobile brake service with a LubeVan customer booking specialist!

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