What’s Your Mobile Fleet Maintenance Plan?

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As a fleet-powered company, we understand the value of a smoothly running fleet. We also understand the drive to reduce fleet downtime. We've discovered it can be cut significantly with regular, preventative, check ups, and reduced even more with mobile fleet maintenance services.

For LubeVan, having a vehicle off the road for a day would mean missed appointments, unhappy customers and significant loss of revenue. For companies with a handful of vehicles, such as a small delivery service, or a pizza shop, it could cost a day’s productivity just to manage fleet maintenance. Larger company fleets require even more time. Completing oil and filter changes alone could take days worth of billable hours.

Depending on the number of vehicles in your company fleet, the time spent on some of the most basic auto maintenance can increase vehicle downtime significantly. Especially when issues creep up in the field and require emergency repairs. First let's take a look at the two types of maintenance most fleets require.

Emergency vs Preventative Maintenance

Emergency maintenance produces unexpected fleet downtime. This includes disasters like a sudden flat tire, vehicle fluid shortage or other mechanical failure. Emergency fleet maintenance is sometimes unavoidable, it's true. However, as a Fleet Manager, there are steps you can take to prevent and reduce the occurrence. The best way to avoid the need for emergency repairs in the field is to work with a mobile fleet maintenance provider to establish a preventative maintenance plan for your vehicles.

Preventative maintenance produces expected fleet downtime. Establishing a Fleet Maintenance Plan is a proactive approach to keeping your company fleet running smoothly. A fleet maintenance plan means regularly checking up on each vehicle in your fleet to identify major issues early on - addressing little problems before they become big ones is a key action to reduce fleet downtime.

Fleet Maintenance & Company Liability

The ability to reduce fleet downtime is not the only advantage associated with properly maintained vehicles. When you rely on emergency repairs, you neglect to take care of your fleet. In doing so, you are putting some of your company’s most valuable assets at risk.

As a Fleet Manager, there are a number of responsibilities that fall upon your shoulders when considering the necessity of a properly maintained fleet:

A vehicle at risk is a driver at risk. Poor vehicle maintenance puts your employees and other drivers on the road in danger. Fleet maintenance makes for comfortable drivers, who don’t feel the need to worry about the state of a given vehicle. Keeping all components of a vehicle in check will allow for safe and confident operation.

Efficient Fleet Maintenance Solutions

By now one thing is clear. Maintaining your fleet is a necessary and resource consuming business. This even applies when you are proactive and invest in quality, preventative maintenance. Between booking service appointments, transporting company vehicles to an auto repair garage, waiting for services to be completed or those last-minute (frustrating!) vehicle swaps when something goes wrong - the cost of fleet downtime really adds up to consume valuable hours and days your fleet could otherwise be in action.

Don't worry. There is a solution.

LubeVan Mobile Fleet Maintenance Van

On-location Mobile Fleet Maintenance

To the rescue!

Imagine bringing routine and emergency, mobile fleet maintenance to your shop or any other location. This is the best way to not only reduce your fleet's downtime, but it's total cost of ownership. Plus, you will ensure standards are being exceeded and increase productivity for your entire team.

No matter where you are - we come to you. Our mobile, on-location, fleet services are the best, most affordable solution to effective fleet management.

LubeVan will help you establish a fleet maintenance plan that's right for your company. Book a mobile fleet maintenance service to get started, or contact our team for more information.


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