10 Tips to Keep Your New Car in New Condition

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If you've recently purchased a new car, chances are you have the same great intention as everyone else; to keep your new car in new condition as long as possible!

Every vehicle owner wants to extend the lifespan of their new vehicle. They don't, however, always take the necessary action to inspect their new car, or maintain it's moving parts.

Proper, new car maintenance, and a regular, car cleaning routine are the most important factors to keep that new car feeling lasting longer. These things not only help the car stay healthy and extend its lifespan, but they also work to ensure your safety, and the safety of the passengers that enter your vehicle.

Top tips to keep your car in new condition

  • Having a schedule for oil changes not only keeps your vehicle strong, but also road-ready. We recommend that you check your oil for signs you need an oil change. You can schedule an oil change and an oil change plan/schedule with LubeVan.

  • There are some fluids that require certain levels to keep your vehicle running. A leak, or low levels of the following fluids can affect how your vehicle operates:

      • Coolant
      • Power Steering Fluid
      • Transmission Fluid
      • Brake Fluid
  • A light that does not work is both a safety hazard for you and others on the road with you. Both headlights and brake lights are important safety features that should not be overlooked. Besides, a burnt light also might get you a ticket.

  • Making sure that your tires are not wearing unevenly, that they are not low in pressure, and that they do not have uneven tread are things that are very important and don’t take up much time.

    Underinflated tires run the risk of poor gas mileage, and quicker wear, while overinflated tires run the risk of a blowout.

    Holes, or foreign objects stuck in your tires are also something that you should not ignore. A flat tire is dangerous to both you and your vehicle.

  • Your vehicle's brakes are another part of your vehicle that require regular inspection 

    If they begin to feel weird, of make any noises, the best thing you can do is call LubeVan and we can help you from there

  • A dead battery in a vehicle is fun for no one. Car batteries should be replaced around every 3 to 4 years

    If you find yourself unlucky and stuck on the side of the road, the best course of action is to call LubeVan - we do all our work where you are!

  • A dirty engine air filter will allow things you don’t want circulating within your engine inside. Depending on your normal driving conditions, you may need to replace it more often

    Spark plugs should be replaced based on your vehicle manufacturers recommendations. Driving with misfiring spark plugs could lead to costly repairs that could have been avoidable.

  • Being one of the simplest fixes on this list, wipers are inexpensive and take only a few minutes to replace. When your wipers are leaving a streak across your windshield, or are not getting all the liquid off the windshield, it’s time to replace them.

    Poorly working wipers are very dangerous as the contribute to vision impairment.

  • The second you feel something is wrong, or you spot a problem, address it immediately

    Leaving things for the last possible second gives more room for more to go wrong within your vehicle and makes the repair cost skyrocket

  • Drive carefully, not recklessly. Treating your car with care is the easiest way to keep longer intervals between repair dates.

Following a simple maintenance plan such as this is something that will keep your vehicle reliable and running smoothly. Don't forget to always contact and have your car looked at by a reputable mechanic. Make your new car maintenance even smoother with mobile auto mechanic services

How to keep your new car looking new

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    The second best thing you can do to keep your new car in new condition is regularly cleaning it, inside and out. Although some vehicles may need some more TLC than others, here are some easy tips to keep in mind for every vehicle:

    1. Wash and wax the exterior regularly
    2. Avoid eating fast food or large meals in your vehicle
    3. Throw out the trash the accumulates in the doors, seat pockets, floors, center console, and glove box
    4. Wash your hands, and wipe down any dirty surfaces 
    5. Vacuum the floors, wash the windows
    6. Clean up any spills or messes right away
    7. Invest in small and portable organizers 


    The best thing you can do to prolong the life of your new vehicle is schedule regular, mobile auto maintenance.

    Properly maintaining your vehicle not only keeps it on the road longer, and makes it safer to operate, but it also gives you the peace of mind that no matter where you go, it won’t let you down.

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