Spring Auto Maintenance Tips

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spring auto maintenance

Spring has finally arrived and that means your car needs a spring auto maintenance checkup! After a cold, long, and bitter winter, your vehicle deserves some TLC before it hits the road for day trips and weekend getaways. Chances are that the Canadian winter we experienced did not hold back on your vehicle.

At the change of any season, it is crucial that you make sure to check your vehicle thoroughly for any wear and tear it may be experiencing.

9 Spring Auto Maintenance Tips

Spring is the perfect time to schedule an appointment with LubeVan. We can and will assess, diagnose, and fix any issues your vehicle may be experiencing. Here is a Spring Maintenance Checklist that is sure to get your vehicle in the best condition possible to navigate the now sunny and bright roads.

Wash Your Vehicle Thoroughly Inside & Out

As dreaded as spring cleaning can be, it’s something that's necessary (for the most part). Spring cleaning also applies to your vehicle - debris, road grime, and salt all build up in and around vehicles as the winter season drags along. Thoroughly cleaning it, inside and out, is important to keep your vehicle functional and safe.

Swap Your Winter Tires

Spring is the time of year when you are no longer in need of inter tires, and instead you begin to swap them. Summer and All-Season tires are designed and best used on snow-free and ice-free roads. The tread and rubber on winter tires are not effective enough on these snow-free and ice-free roads which can be both a danger to yourself and others, but also causes quicker wear and tear of the tires themselves.

LubeVan is able to perform both on-rim tire changes and off-rim tire changes -  at your convenience; we bring the garage to you, working with your schedule, not against it!

Rotate Your Tires

While you are switching your tires, you should also probably rotate them as well. The weight of any vehicle is never distributed equally, causing the tread-wear on every tire to be affected differently, and front tires usually carry the most weight. Tire rotations include switching your front tires to the back, and vice versa. Tire rotations not only improve the lifespan of your tires, but also improve your gas mileage while out on the road.

Top Up All Fluids

Checking and topping up all fluids is one of the most basic but also important things when considering spring maintenance. Keeping your Oil, Power Steering, Transmission, Brake, Coolant, and Windshield Washer Fluid up to spec is often overlooked. Making sure to fill up and change these fluids when necessary can and will keep your vehicle away from future costly repairs. LubeVan provides these services and more! Keep peace of mind and book a mobile auto service with us today.

Check Your Brakes

Ignoring your brakes after enduring winter conditions can not only lead to expensive maintenance, but also dangerous safety issues. LubeVan will inspect your brakes, pads, and rotors to make sure they are up to standard and are no harm to you, your passengers, and others on the road.

Check Your Battery

Winter road conditions are not forgiving, and make no exceptions. Car batteries can be put through the ringer with the fluctuations in weather conditions over time. One thing you can do for your vehicle is check to see if your battery is healthy and capable of keeping your vehicle up and running. If that's not the case, then LubeVan's mobile battery replacement is  here to help. We are able to show up wherever your vehicle is parked, and replace the battery on sight.

Check Your Lights

Checking your interior and exterior lights to make sure all are working is a simple yet effective spring auto maintenance tip. When a light is dysfunctional, you and other drivers are put at risk as the messages you might be trying to get across will not be received. A quick bulb and wiring fix done by LubeVan can prevent disastrous consequences.

Check The Belts & Hoses

Sandy, slushy, and salt roads can all affect serpentine belts. Checking these belts for cracks, chips and rips can prevent it from squeaking and deteriorating. Cold temperatures can harden and damage rubber, so it is important to check these belts and hoses.  Hoses should be checked for softening, hardening, cracks, leaking, and blistering.

Check The Filters

Just as we need to breathe in fresh air, so does our vehicle. Your cabin air filter, engine air filter, and fuel filter should all be routinely checked and monitored. By ensuring your vehicle's filters are not clogged by dirt and debris, you make sure your vehicle is breathing the best air it possibly can.

By following these simple and routine spring auto maintenance tips, you ensure your vehicle is safe for yourself and everyone on the road. You also ensure that it is running and functioning at its best. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like any of these spring auto maintenance jobs done on your vehicle, contact LubeVan or schedule an appointment today!

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