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different tires


Who doesn’t want to have a smooth roll down the road? We all want a more comfortable ride with our vehicles. To achieve that, we need to start giving much thought to the tires when purchasing our vehicles. Most people are more concerned about the color or the make of the car. What we forget is that tires are the most critical component of our vehicles. After all, they are what allow you an easy drive. High-quality tires increase the safety and performance of your car while reducing the cost of fuel. There are a variety of tires, depending on the type of your vehicle and your driving needs. Here are some of the types of tires for your car.


All-season tires


These intend to perform all year round. They are multi-seasonal. That means they can deliver adequate traction during the cold and warm temperatures throughout the year. They save you the trouble of changing your tires season after season. The tread compound that makes this tire can stay flexible. They have symmetrical designs which allow them more options to rotate. They have deeper grooves that grant them a smoother trip on the snow. These tires are referred to as the jack of all trades.’ Meaning they can perform in all conditions but are not perfect in any of them.


Snow Tires


Snow tires are designed with the ability to maintain road contact in icy weather. They are meant to perform during the winter when the weather is wet and cold, with ice and snow surfaces. These tires have two to three times the number of sipping rubbers in all-season tires. They also have extra biting edges that provide them with better traction. The sipping rubber in these tires is soft since they are designed to operate in colder weather, below 7 degrees Celsius. Thus, if used during the warm periods, they will wear out more quickly. Winter tires will provide you with enhanced stability and traction during the cold weather. These tires should be put on all the four wheels. However, if only two of them are available, then you should set them up on the front wheels to provide the best grip.


Summer Tires


When winter is gone, it’s time to put on some warm-weather tires. These are designed to perform during the warm weather when the roads are dry and wet. They work best in temperatures not less than 45. Whether it is scorching or raining heavily, summer tires can provide you with an excellent road grip. They are made from a tread compound that contains sticky additives to ensure road grip in wet weather conditions. The tread also provides adequate stiffness that allows the tires to retain their shape when the heat is extreme. However, these tires are not safe when the weather is too cold. They have limited tire rotation options, in that you can rotate only the front tires to the opposite side. That is because they have asymmetrical tread patterns. They have more shallow and straight grooves that allow more rubber to be in contact with the road.


Mud Tires


Also known as the mud-terrain tires. They are off-road tired explicitly made for the off-road conditions. They have significant tread blocks and an aggressive tread pattern that helps to claw through, grab, and develop grip onto the off-road terrain. They have sidewall lugs that provide additional biting to enable grabbing onto the ground. They are resistant to puncture and cut. Compounds that make this tire are customized to create durability and guard them against hazards. They have mud and stone ejectors that prevent their tread blocks from being filled by debris on the off-road.


All-terrain tires


These tires are made to enable traction on all kinds of road surfaces. They can function well on the off-road as well as the on-road. They have an open-tread design that improves the tire traction on off-road surfaces, with rocks and mud. They have reinforced walls that provide them with more capacity for carrying loads. They can operate throughout the year. Their block tread design makes them noisy. They have symmetrical grooves. All-terrain tires use more fuel due to the mechanical friction and rolling resistance on the rough roads. They also have a soft rubber that shortens their tread life.




types of tires

Performance Tires

These are commonly used in sports cars. They are designed to provide increased traction and responsiveness. They have a unique tread pattern and rubber compounds that enable top performance in dry, warm conditions, and wet roads. Performance tires are almost similar to the summer tires. However, they have the usual summer tire elements blended with increased comfort and lower noise levels. Most of them use asymmetric tread pattern.

Track and competition tires

These tires are designed to provide constant road contact in dry weather. They are almost similar to summer tires, just that they have a different construction. Their sidewalls and body have high-tech reinforcements like Kevlar. They are mainly used for professional competitions.

Rib tires

They are intended for use in highways and streets. They provide excellent traction in wet and dry roads. They have circumferential grooves in the tread that are rib-like. Rib tires have steel belts and beads, they also have multiple plies, and reinforcement on their sidewalls. This provides them with durability improved resistance to punctures.

Touring Tires
These tires designed to provide a smooth and quiet ride. It can operate through all seasons. They have a higher speed rating compared to the all-season tires. They have asymmetrical tread design. Their design focuses more on comfort and performance.

So, if you are concerned about which type of a tire to purchase. You first need to consider the car type and needs. The pattern of your tire tread is fundamental when choosing a tire that meets your driving needs too. Thicker treads with wider grooves are more useful in the snow, mud, and ice. Now that you have different types of tires go on and purchase one that best fits your vehicle. Also, remember to follow your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations for tire specifications.

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