Wondering where to get your next oil change?

Naturally our recommendation is that you stay at your home (or the office) and call us for your next oil change, but sometimes that just isn't possible.

Where you take your vehicle for an oil change (and what you're willing to pay) will largely determine the quality of the oil and filter being used to service your vehicle. The location and price will also dictate how detailed an inspection is conducted on your vehicle (if any), and how thoroughly the job is done.

Contrary to popular belief, an oil change isn't just as simple as changing your oil and filter, but an opportunity to inspect the safety and correct operation of your vehicle. See our page "what happens during an oil change" for more information.

It's true that an oil change is a relatively simple task when compared to other automotive work, however if you speak to a few car-owning friends, you will soon find that some facilities still manage to screw it up.

Though it is typically the most expensive option, dealerships tend to be one of the most reputable places to have your vehicle serviced. Technicians at dealerships work on similarly designed vehicles all day, and in most cases can be trusted to know your vehicle inside out.

A close runner up would be a trusted mechanic, someone who is renowned for quality workmanship. In our experience you can generally make a good judgement about the type of work being done in a private shop from the shop's exterior appearance. This is not always a rule, but in many cases it is safe to make this assumption.

Always check online reviews! Keep in mind that few customers will leave reviews if they are THRILLED, but every customer will leave a review if they are DEEPLY UNSATISFIED. Many businesses (not LubeVan) pay for reviews to improve their online presence if it has taken a bruising. Multiple poor reviews can indicate a problem at the shop that many people have experienced but not necessarily left feedback about. Very poor reviews are a huge red flag.

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